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The automatic logon feature in Windows® is often enabled by various toolsets when performing operating system deployments or configuration.   Automatic logon is sometimes also utilised for specific scenarios such as kiosk devices.   When disabling Windows automatic logon, it can involve a number of configuration changes and a cleanup of user accounts and profiles.

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RemoveAutoLogon is a utility to disable Windows automatic logon, and optionally delete the local user account and associated profile.   It runs silently from the command line and can be run manually, from a system (or configuration) management solution, in a custom script, or used in the task sequence of an operating system deployment.


The following prerequisites must be installed for RemoveAutoLogon to function:

  • .NET Framework 4.0 Client Profile (or higher)

How to use

RemoveAutoLogon must be run as a local administrator.   If User Account Control (UAC) is enabled and it is run in an interactive user context, it may prompt for UAC elevation.   If run with no command line parameters, the Windows automatic logon feature will be disabled.   The recently used username will also be removed from the login prompt when it is next displayed.  Command line example:


The removeuser command line parameter may also be used.   This will also delete the local user account which was used for the automatic logon and clean up that account’s profile folders.   Note that this should not be used if the automatic logon user was the local administrator.  Command line example:

RemoveAutoLogon.exe removeuser

If a Dell KACE K2000 deployment appliance is being used, it does not usually remove the autologon after deployment. A pre-configured postinstallation task can be downloaded for use with K2000 system images.   This can be used by downloading and uncompressing the package, importing it into the K2000 appliance and adding it as the last task of the system image installation plan.   If deploying an SOE Portal image, the removeuser option should be specified (which is the default settings in the K2000 package).   Otherwise, this option should be removed.

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