impelDeviceInfo - Device Information utility
Download impelDeviceInfo v1.100 for free:  3.0 MB

You can automatically include impelDeviceInfo in your cloud-built SOE images.  Please visit our SOE Portal page for more info.


When maintaining and supporting Windows-based® devices, easy access to information about that device is important.   It can assist support engineers with identifying, locating and diagnosing the device.

Windows itself can display all this information, but it is not aggregated into the one place – it is in numerous places such as system settings, Computer Management console, registry, WMI etc.

When communicating with support personnel, common information needs to be supplied by the end-user, such as computer name or IP address.  This information is not always easy for an end-user to locate, particularly if they are not experienced with IT devices.

Our Software

We have created a free-to-use utility that aggregates standard support information and diagnostic tools into a simple user interface.   It can run in the Windows notification area so it is quickly accessible by end-users.   impelDeviceInfo can be branded with your company name and logo.   Additional support information can be displayed to advise end-users of the support hours, contact details and support links.

If you have an SOE Portal subscription, impelDeviceInfo can be installed and configured as part of the automated SOE image creation.   In this scenario, additional SOE information will be displayed, such as the image version and certified hardware information.

How to use

impelDeviceInfo can be run as a desktop application on any Windows-based x86/x64 computers which have .NET Framework 4.6.2 or higher installed.   The download includes a comprehensive admin guide for information on installation and configuration of impelDeviceInfo.

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