Windows Autopilot - revolutionizes the way new devices get deployed, reset and repurposed, with an experience that is zero-touch for IT

imagine unboxing your new device and automatically configuring it from the cloud, without the need to reimage

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 Windows Autopilot: 5-day Implementation

Managing a corporate Windows build or images can be time consuming and inefficient.   When you purchase new devices, what if you could transform Windows into a customised "business-ready" state straight out of the box?

Windows Autopilot is a collection of technologies used to set up and pre-configure new devices, getting them ready for productive use.   You can also use Windows Autopilot to reset, repurpose and recover devices.   This solution enables an IT department to achieve the above with little to no infrastructure to manage, with a process that's easy and simple.

With Autopilot, you can:

  • Configure your device from the cloud.  With a few simple clicks, the device becomes business-ready.
  • Monitor the progress of the configuration.
  • Deliver a better user experience with personalization and fewer steps to set up.
  • Automatically join devices to Azure Active Directory and enroll them in mobile device management.

To simplify and expedite the delivery of Autopilot, impeltec has prepared a standard packaged service offering. There are two (2) packages that can be selected either independently or together as a Comprehensive package:

  • Windows Device Management
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Each of these packages includes a set of base inclusions to ensure Intune is fully operational for each package. Within each package there are three (3) tiers that can be selected:

  • Standard
  • Advanced
  • Premium

The following tables highight the inclusions for each of the packages by tier. Contact us for a full statement of work and pricing details.

 Base inclusions

Each package delivers the base inclusions dependant on the tier as defined in the table below:

Tiers:  Standard Advanced Premium
Consultation (Hours) 1 2 4
Tenant configuration Yes Yes Yes
Company branding Yes Yes Yes
Store apps - Microsoft 365 Yes Yes Yes
As-Built Design document Yes Yes Yes
Pilot Testing (No. of Devices) 3 3 5
Support/Knowledge sharing (Hours) 2 4 8
 Windows Device Management Package
 MDM for non-Windows Devices Package

Use Autopilot with Microsoft Intune, Windows Update for Business, or Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager for holistic management of Windows 10 or Windows 11.

impeltec can help you get up and running on Windows Autopilot in no time with impelConsult.   Contact us to find out more.

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